We made Liberty Seeds for anyone ready to spread the message and make a difference.

How It Works:

1. Wake up and get ready for your day
2. Load up with a few Liberty Seeds and head out the door
3. Plant Liberty Seeds
4. Repeat daily for optimum results

There are endless ways to plant Liberty Seeds – place one on a strangers car windshield, leave a few at the bar, give one to a friend.

Each seed planted has the ability to reach through all the distractions, spark a genuine interest and spread the message.

Where will you plant your seed?


Where will you plant your seed?

Liberty Seeds is all about helping spread a message we think the entire world can get behind.

And we do it one seed at a time.

We take powerful quotes and turn them into art.

We made Liberty Seeds for the real world and ship them right to your door because we think there’s a huge opportunity to rekindle the printing press, reach through all the distractions and spark a genuine interest in people.

There are endless ways to plant Liberty Seeds and I think that by working together, we can all help make a positive difference.

Give one to a barista after your morning cup of coffee, slip one to a waiter after lunch, hand one to a friend.

With your help, Liberty Seeds can become a catalyst for others in their journey towards understanding the principles of a free society – to see that Liberty, not the force of government is the means to achieve the goals we all have for humanity – high and rising standards of living, increasing security and abundance for all.

So we invite you to check out our growing selection and make Liberty Seeds part of your lifestyle. Because if we don’t spread the message together, who will?